Breaking The Busyness’ Cycle With FIKA

Before explain why Fika is much better than just a quick break in you daily job routine, a crucial question for you: – How many times you say for yourself: “I’m too busy”?

And busyness is a problem. As an example, the percentage of Americans working 60 to 70 hours per week, and feeling more stressed and squeezed while doing it, has never been greater. That stress reaches into recreation time, at least for those who still have some. Never before the stress, distractions, and feeling overworked levels were so high accordingly specialized sources. It led to a historic number of people around the world suffering of the “Job burnout syndrome”.

I’m sure you already heard how important is to do a break for a coffee, tea or something in your daily’s routine, right? So, what’s the difference doing a Fika?

Fika can be considered as a Swedish’s way of life as well a ritual. Everybody there makes at least twice a day: one in the middle of the morning and another one in the afternoon. It’s not just a coffee break, if you ask for a Swedish what’s Fika then you’ll get many different definitions but this one it’s a core component of the all answers:

Fika isn’t solely on drink and food—it’s all about the feelings of companionship, togetherness and camaraderie. It’s typically enjoyed at a café with friends or colleagues over a cup of coffee and a pastry. 

Many companies where Fika is an ‘obligation’ reported the increase of productivity and another interesting factor: employees exchange more than just technical and job’s information, they exchange also personal experiences, of course in Sweden people are much more introspective, so “personal experiences’ may vary a lot when comparing with other cultures, however the point is: Fika time increases many positives “assets” in the companies:

Employees’ mood, feeling of belonging, social capital increasing, and productivity. Also, may serve as an “awareness thermometer” if an employee or even a group or department are reaching high level of stress and ‘touching’ the edges of a job burnout.

Job burnout in Sweden? The most famous and championing country with a balanced lifestyle or work-life balance?

Well, this is matter for another article, but the number of young people being signed off work with severe stress is mushrooming on the Det avlånga landet, it means: the elongated country.

Break the busyness chain with a Fikaness way of life.

A very business question for you: Are you really busy for one Fika? Or two?

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