If you have lived in New Jersey, Hawaii and now lives in Arizona then this scene could have you as one of the main characters:

– Knock, knock!
– Who’s there?
– It’s George.
– What George?!
– George Benson, I bring you good news! Do you have a few minutes?

Before explaining what drew so much attention in this real everyday scene, I will write about how to respond to a criticism can totally change someone’s way of life.

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one George Benson music. In fact, it is quite possible that by the end of the day, you hear a song playing on the radio it. Remember any of these Top Hits? Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for YouBreezin’, In Your Eyes, Give me the Night, On Broadway, Love X Love , Never Give Up on a Good Thing. If you like, just click these links and listen in full those successes via YouTube.

He is already in the list of the best guitarists of all time. He won 10 Grammy Awards. Played to 300,000 people in the first Rock in Rio 1985 and returned 35 years later to snatch the hearts of those who understand the language of love. Two guitar models, lead to his signature Ibanez GB10 and GB200. His triple-platinum album Breezin’ has been the Billboard number 1. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

All this happened after he was heavily criticized! During an interview with a New York magazine GEORGE BENSON UPCOMING TALKS NEW YORK gigs, YACHT ROCK, AND HOW MUSIC CRITIC CHANGED HIS LIFE, he explained there was a time in your career where he was too concerned listening to what the critics say. He used to believe in critics, He thought the critics knew what they were talking about, he said “If I listen to him, I’ll be successful like Miles Davis or somebody,” He thought that’s how they got success, that critics made them.

That was the furthest thing from the true, he started playing what he thought the people would like and his whole life changed.

He advices young people who wants to be a musician:

The best reason to play music is because you like to play music. Period. Don’t imagine that you’ll be successful just because you started playing music, because there are millions of people out there who will never reach fame, or fortune in many cases…Music in itself is just beautiful just to be able to play and relate to all the other musicians in the world. So play for the right reasons, and the right reason to play is because you love the music.

This George Benson life experience just confirmed something I believe in. Not always a criticism is constructive. Not always for our good. There are critics who just want to make name on you. In the case of George Benson even unfounded criticism about his work resulted in doing so see what neither could see the critics themselves. He listened, but did not agree. Today he is among the most famous and respected musicians in the world. And his critics? Where they are?

Earlier in this article I wrote something else caught my attention too. Let us return to the initial dialogue. Have you ever imagined you in the comfort of your home in one fine morning then someone knocks on your door? You open the door and just realize you’re talking to none other than the very famous: George Benson! Moreover, neither had to pay the value of a ticket to go to his show! However, he is there for another reason. He’s taking good news about a better future! Good news based on the oldest book of mankind. In addition, according to the interview, he is doing  this voluntarily for more than 35 years! Which means that even during periods of peak of fame and success, he didn’t stop doing a good thing.

He had everything to become someone arrogant. Walk surrounded by security guards. Lead a curtailed life but rather he exercises humility and kindness. After all, between us, it requires a lot of humility and kindness to do what he does off the stage: knocking the doors of perfect strangers and not always well received. I think he really believes in what one of his most famous songs says:

Never give up on a good thing
Remember what makes you happy
Never give up on a good thing
If love is what you got, you’ve got a lot

What about you? Would you allow any criticism stop you to continue doing what makes you truly happy and contributes to the happiness of others?

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Author: Alexandre Marins Augusto
Blog: August Alexander

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